Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Random Haha

Yesterday Praveen , our tech lead was interviewing a girl. He was asking her to define "classes" (some tech shit).

She said its a "bluefilm" instead of "blueprint". (Here imagine the yahoo roll and laugh smiley.Thats how I laughed hearing this)


BigMan saw squirrel girl's butt cleavage in the office and smiled. Chinki girl saw that and is blackmailing him for a chocolate...Long live Indian culture!


BigMan's cousin has come from Milan... Oops..he is Milan and he has come from London to India for the first time for internship.

Sad..romba paavam. He never knew he is coming all the way from London to collect leads from the net (100 a day) for my sales team. What a waste of time, Milan...

Moreover he is going through a few dilemmas
  • Are the mosquitos in BigMan's room potent enough to kill him? Should he just ignore them or spray on each tiny one of them?
  • Should he spread the whole tamilnadu bathroom with napkin and then squat to crap?
  • Should he squat or just rely on gravity and stand in the loo?
  • Is a beggar child rude if he does not say thank you when this guy gives him a nestle liquid chocolate?
  • How to eat dosa if the sangeetha hotel guys just refuse fork and knife?

If not anything else, he would know that a world exists without mineral water, napkin rolls, glazed floors and is alive and rocking !!


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