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Kamal Hassan & Gautham Vasudev menon - New Movie - Story Exclusive and all that..

Living up to the name of this blog for the first time, we (?!) are bringing you a world (as though it cares) exclusive of the story of the yet to be shot movie staring Kamal (who still shamelessly carries titles "Ulaga Nayagan" & "Oscar Nayagan" after A.R.R sealed the deal) and to be directed by Gautham "appa per comes here" menon.
Like all GVM movies, this movie also has a story. Its the 43rd chapter of the life of a police woman. If you read the book from backwards like I do, it is the 37th chapter. The novelty is that, from that angle it becomes the story of the mother-daughter-daughter-mother relationship. If you read the same story in an amazon kindle optimized format, the story is the 2nd chapter and is all about another different love story, once again.
There is also a casting coup. More on it later!
Kamali is a 28 year old Aay.PeeYes! officer of 2005 cadre. She is an ultra modern police (cooling glass, nike sleeveless black t shirt with cleavage display feature) who also has money to buy a brand new jeep wrangler imported from dubai (fully assembled version). For this role, Kamal has reduced 90 kgs and now weighs only 50 kgs. Surya has been roped in, to train kamal on slimming down while maintaining the girly features.
The story revolvers around andhra, bihar, orissa, madison avenue, some backwater, ecr road, times square and some locations of europe shown as new york. Yes. You got it. Its a story of a policer officerini who is pattaya kalppufying against naxalites in India while the trail leads her to NYPD's office for the suspected links between naxals and the NY car bomb plotter, Faizal.
From reliable sources (who eves dropped on kamal while he was soup nakkifying in Le Royal meridien) we learn that Kamal said this to GVM "Kadhai illa nu sollala. Kadhai irundha nalla irukum nu than solren". Enna Makkale.Naa solradhu cheri thane makkale?
As usual Kamal has introduced his directorial head butting overtures and there comes the double role. Kamali's mother Camila played by ulaga nayagan (hence that title is justified) again, is a british aaypeesarrr of 1930's (she ate vajradanti and hence produced kamali in her late 40s and hence she is 28 years old. Not that GVM would have given this explanation. But duty to report unbiasedly). She and appa rao had some gajabujaks and Kamali is hence half gult/half brit. The brit portions of the voice over are given by Shruthi hassan. It is also reliably learnt that GVM wanted to cast Anu hassan in the role of mother for the portions where she is supposed to be 70 years old, but kamal's (non)sense prevailed.
Ok..javvu izhuthufying..start the story.
Camila once wanted to take pala pazham from the andhra forest and strays into kolli malai where malayoor mambattian (Prashanth's father Thyagarajan) mistakes her to be a moving mass of atta (make up was melting in the heat) and suttufies her. He feels bad when instead of becoming chappathi she becomes deadbody. No facial reaction from thyagarajan.
Kamali now takes a vow to quell the naxal menace (as she thinks her mother Camila was killed by naxalites) and now we come out of flashback. She veri ethufies herself by imgaining how good it would be if camila amma would have meera shikakai thechu kulipatifyed her every saturday. GVM has his trademark mummy mummy english song by celin dion.
Kamali in between all this vellai, turns to the screen and says "I am Kamali Camilla Rao. Enga appa raovukum, raw-ukum sikkadha naxalites a indha rao, raoda raova pidippa". For this dialog alone crazy mohan was consulted by GVM. Rest of the dialogs were anyway written in his earlier movies..
During the second half prashanth who is now acting as new malayoor mambattian tells kamal that its not naxals, its his father who chappathi suttufied her mom. Prashanth also saval vuttufies "I am in NY..come if you can". Kamali goes in continental airlines with jet lag and all that, with his peter england suit. There the officer on special kollywood interaction duty "sathya" is Kamali's counterpart. we first show the face, muttai kan, and then when we go a bit lowe we realize that its infact a familiar face. Yes. Sathyaraj plays a 30 year old divorced female officer in NYPD. Din't I say casting coup? This is perhaps a casting coup with genocide.
Kamli and Sathya roam around m.avenue and penn station with the "So you think you can dance' drop outs. GVM comes in a scene as desi tasty take away lunch stall owner in NJ. One thing leads to other and kamali kills prashanth to revenge for his earlier generation injustice. While at the JFK airport Sathya drops 2.5 tear drops which nanchifies her otherwise spotlessly clean white chudidhar. Kamali approaches her very ganniyamly and they both decide to have a live in relationship in boat club road bunglow.
The movie ends with a song in ECR with the imported jeep with Kamali sipping red bull and Sathya holding an ipad based navigator.
- A Gautham vasudev menon & Kamal Hassan mis-demeanour-

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