Sunday, June 24, 2007

I dont find a reason yet...

Its been a while since I wrote. I dont find topics to write. Thinking of it, there are many reasons.
May be its the marriage that is around the corner. Many brave men slip into the valley of yawn, boredom and absolution disorientation when marriage strikes. May be that's the reason.
Perhaps I am no longer creative. When people at the age of Amitabh Bachchan can still have their creative juices flowing (like calling himself a farmer and neatly swindling agricultural land), I feel too humbled to flaunt my creativity.
I was thinking I should write about the creative uses of Helmet for two wheeler riders in Tamilnadu, after Kalaignar requested his police men to take it easy with the rule. In a state where rules are changed as fast as ICC coach, I thought I would wait and watch, just to sum up all the news and then write a blog about it.
I even thought of doing the most right thing of today- to write about is Sivaji, the boss. Having seen the movie with the total cost of entertainment of 600 bucks, at 7 AM on a sunday morning, I decide not to rub it into myself again by re-living the experience (of playing into the prank that is Sivaji).
With more interesting things like honeymoon planning and absolutely unbelievable retail revolution finally coming to my use (I heard there is a category called honeymoon lingerie), I decide to take blogging a little easy.
I will write again. Till then follow the news of presidential elections.They may even announce your name as consensus candidate!

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