Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Why is media molesting me?

Looks like there is a "Molest India Movement" going on.

I search for the definition of "Molestation" in google (coz, till recently I thought it was some kind of a clinic where they remove excessive moles from the body and donate to people who dont have enough). So where does the search lead to?

Anyway..the indian origin of this website apart, what caught my attention is, the definition of "molestation". Apparently its not a mole bank as I thought.

Molestation is the sexual exploitation of a child or a woman by an adult for sexual gratification or for profit.

My sympathies are with the Ruchika family and kudos to them for continuing their pursuit of justice. But why me?

I end up waking in the middle of the night feeling that Burka Dutt is putting her friendly arms around my shoulder to console me for the whole state of affairs my nation is going through. I dont even know whether to tap my wife's easily reachable side to ask for some water. Though we are legally married and there's no sexual intent, women seem to be hyper-hot about men in general and rathore in particular.

An "activist" appears in TV today and says "Men's lower half of the body is more active than the upper half". Thats Malestation in its fullest display. In the same show, there's a newly reported molested woman shown in a silo. One could easily make it that she was silo'ed not because of identity concerns but because she was reading a script given by the channel. The anchor is pouring all her emotions (no sexual intent in that very normal phrase) into her questions to this newly molested and the responses are read out of the script. Well, the pour didnot stop where it had to and the anchor went on with few questions that were not in the script and the newly molested was searching the papers for the answers..The technical glitch came to rescue!

Then there were footballers who dint know the difference between a football and a spicejet airhostess' posterior, apparently!

I dont get this. if the media has to conduct the trial on TV for every rape, molestation and site-adichan cases, they may well start NDTV molestor or such channel to save the women 19 years after the damage is done. For the rest of us who would like to know the Indian GDP, weather and cricket, let there be some respite!

While I completely detest the "lets play it to the audience" media, there are some appreciable things that media did not do this time

-- Constructed enactment of actual molestation event (which they have started offlate. Check the next time someone is murdered in Gurgaon. A mini-skit will be re-enacted in prime time)

--They didn't ask Aamir Khan for his opinion. These days he has opinions growing like arm pit hair

--They didn't do a quickie psycho-analysis on a molester's mind with some russian educated indian psychiatrist and his lab rat

-- Thank God, they did not call Renuka Chowdhury and Jeyanti Natarajan for a woman's right debate. They normally have caustic comments that would put a malester to shame!

I hope the PR and Law worlds do not take it from where media leaves it. I hope they dont have a "molestor pack" - Free FIR filing, prime time spot, twitter publicity, celebrity support quips all rolled for a starting fee of "x".

God please provide justice to Ruchika family or cut my cable!

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