Sunday, September 25, 2005


First things first...I am not a tam extremist or a linguist...but a very passioate lover of one of the oldest languages in the world.. Tamizh.

Wondering what would happen to this language if all our tams start using this language as fillers between english. ALready a few words have vanished out of usage and I got to agree..sometimes when I start to think, what is the tamizh equivalent of a few commonly used english stuck...

With fear of losing touch and with an intent to digitize a few words here for the rainy day, I am listing a few words.

Take a plunge and check how familiar you are with your mother tongue:

1. Vilavuthal

This means -- Adding appropriate quanity of cold water to hot water so as to make it okay for taking bath...(wow, one word for such a long snetence..isn't this amazing?)

2. Whats the tamil equivalent of "Busy"

mmm..ahh...oh its in the tip of my tongue?...its "paraparappu"or you can say "velai nimiththam"

3. Alolakalolapattathu or thimilogapatathu

Chaos or disorder

4. Idakaradakkal

Kundakamandakka or an argument that puts you on a a negative sense

5. Karrukkal

The time of evening before night

6. Tadhumam

Cold and cough

7. Thozhupputhal

Chew the food well enough before swallowing

8. Vekkai


9. Khothapphudhal

Put something in the mouth, grind it and mix it with saliva and keep there for a while

10. Thaanthonni or Thaan Thonri

A person who thinks he knows it all and behaves like one

(Ok...Dont ever try to think about me at this moment)

A reebie for you patience:

Palaa kottai minnal

The lightening that comes in the sky in the evenings and that which does not result in rain

How many of these words did you know the meaning of?

Sad...none right?

Aren't you and me missing some wonderful treasures of the language...If you a tamizhan, I suggest try speaking in tamizh without any contamination of other languages.

It feels good...

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