Friday, August 26, 2005


Thats when Lord Krishna was born.

I share a lot of similiarities with him...I do all mischief he did...but that I can play flute the way he can't....bad way :-)

For bachelors like me, it makes no difference, as long as "Hotel Sangeetha" provides same ol dinner on this day...

But the idea of ghee dripping appam, murukku, thenkozhal...ahh..who can miss them....Probably you should start calling this day gokulaash'tummy'.

I went home this day with the north indian chukka chapathi as ever. My new neighbours so kind and so 'sweet' (and kaaram) enough, to give me a plateful of namkeen and mithai (I freaking never use these kind of words...but popular request to aviod tamil and all that)

So I am like..go..(4)..kill...ash...yummy ;-)

Had four hybrid appams (It looked like cheedai but tasted like appam...may be cheepam is what it should be called?)..some thenkozhal and some ribbon kozhal


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