Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An Interview

Its almost 3.5 years since I started writing. I have posted 78 posts so far and if I count those on draft, its inching towards 100..Looks like writing has become a part of what defines me..
It makes me wonder what drives me to write..Lets get to it through an interview..
How did it all start?
Quiet honestly, I had not marked a day and decided "from this day I will torture the fankind". It happened. I had a funny conversation with a collegue and thought its funny enough to share. So stumbled upon blogging..
So that's ashwinramasamy show?
No. It started as aiyer-arattai.blogspot.com. After a while it sounded very communalistic. (Did I just coin a new word?)
What topics inspire you to write?
At this point if your bladder is full, I suggest you take a leak and come back. I am going to give a rather lengthy and philosophical response.
When I decided to continue blogging, I took a vow not to bore my readers with excuricating details like "How many times I scratched my head today?" or "Why I changed to medimix and sticking with it even when I am out of the country for business trips?"
Like Adhavan Deekshanya (tamil writer) says "I write about those things I cannot pass by and ignore", I write about experiences that I relate with. At the end of my life, I am richer or otherwise depending on the diverse experiences I had gone through by then. This blog shall help me record life as it unfolds to me in various turns of my life.
I am curious, I liked to be awed, I like surprises. Therefore I blog, so that I can go to my past and wonder what a journey life had been.
Can I say then, I could expect a biography from you one day?
Most definitely. But for me to make sense to a critical mass of audience and to deserve their attention, I need to go through a lot of experiences that are unique, fascinating and inspiring. That explains why I din't mind proposing to 5 women in a span of 2 hours and chasing a business dream right after college till bankruptcy got the better of me.
Its a gift to be a story teller who has his own stories to tell.
It does seem like you've reserved the best stories for the biography though?
Absolutely. It's important that one who pays to read deserves the best story. That said, I consider that one could be very vulnerable in a shockingly open medium like blogs by what he/she shares. So I stick to the peripheries of my personal experiences and write them in a fashion that appeals (?!) to the reader
Whose writings inspire you?
Sujatha, S.Ramakrishnan, Ritesh Kini, Dubukku, Krish ashok, Shruthi, Vanna nilavan. They are either eminent writers or fellow bloggers or in between.
Sujatha for his versatility and reach of knowledge. S. Ramakrishnan for his ability slice and dice the nuances of experiences and feelings. Ritesh Kini for his interospective writings. Dubukku for his excellent ability to bring memories into words, Shruthi for being a bridge between the "growing old" me and "life of the youth", Vanna nilavan for his tamil command & his ability to bring the south tamilnadu life as it happens today. Krish ashok for his sheer creative genius and an alternate take on events around him..
In fact I am so inspired by some of them that I had taken liberty to follow their styles in some of my earlier posts like "The lock" and "Ayikudi Costume".
Well, since I have run out of questions, lets close with the ritual..
Do you have any message for your fans?
The underlying message of this post, as you would have figured out by now, is to shamelessly urge you to comment. Off late, due to my leanings towards writing in tamil and the general sad state of topics I had chosen to write, readership and commentatorship have gone down to readerpaperboat and commentatotpaperboat levels.
So please..ok..I will write a better one next time..

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