Friday, August 25, 2006

Nat!onal Security

I am an Indian Hindu. I am brown. What is the level of inhumane treatment I would get if I am caught in racial profiling? Well, depends on whether I sport a french beard and pajama/Kurta on that day's flight.

Do I pose a security threat if I sport a french beard? I dont know. I dont even know what is security and definitely do not know when does a government call a person a threat to national security!

Can a government provide security to a nation? Laughable! What if tomorrow, a terrorist (Racial Profile: Arab, Brown, bearded, wears Pajama Kurta and speaks Arabic - This is what I am being told, all terrorists are or all men who have this profile are terrorists....even if they are harmless sufis from mumbai) decides to break open a plane''s window and throw a hand grenade that just lands on my apartment terrace? If I die,will they call it threat to national security? Will they anticipate such threats in advance and keep a commando in every apartment top (trained by mahendra singh dhoni on dive catches)? Back to the point, when is a threat called as a national threat? Should there be "x" number of deaths? I dont think so. If numbers are significant then we have a living threat in our parliament with more than 500 people causing national threat for over 50 years and few of them going on a merry-go-round to afganistan on a charter flight in full media glare!

If all our commandos are guarding the apartments who will guard coco-cola dispensers? What if no one is there? Will terrorists replace a coke dispenser with liquid bomb dispensers so that every passenger becomes an involuntary terrorist?

So I suggest, screw security arrangements. You cannot save anyone and everyone, everytime. We invested trillions in missiles, intercontinental bramhos-thras..Instead we can include jet airways, spice jet and Kingfisher in our battalions. They travel all international destinations and can cause better damage.

I suggest we dissolve our army, beef up our aviation strength (thats the new age weapon) and use the extra money to spread eduction, create employment and make our sons and daughters understand religions, tolerance and spend their times in bettering the world!

Thats secure for you, me, our grand children and this planet!

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