Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sarwam - Movie Review

Its been a while I wrote and I am ashamed that I write about a movie like Sarwan to break the limbo.
In anycase, having decided that I would do a great dis-service, its only logical that I write about another!
Sarwam is a story of a lovelorn man trying to save his deceased lover's transplanted heart from the villian. No that sounds like a story. It could not be. I saw it.
So, Sarwam is probably a story of a father trying to save his son from a psycopath. Something's wrong. The father was relegated to a hospital bed. He didnt particulary save anything, including our time.
So probably Sarwam is a story of a(nother) father, trying to revenge for the death of his son (and actually wife, who was not worth revenging for, as his actions suggest).
The movie, as you realize, is a a confused concoction of lackluster story lines much like what you woulg get by mixing tomato sauce, idly and chappathi and eat it along with vinegar. Eww...
Arya's back to being a human being after his role as an opium smoking sanyasi. The earlier role suited him the best. He could hid behind his soiled beard when acting dint give much helping hand. In this movie, he loves trisha in the first half, doing what actors like Karthik did well, 30 years ago. The delivery and packaging of love scenes had a simple formula:
2 funny dialogues + 1 sentiment scene with a kid + 1 convictionless anger from heroine + some needless animation of butterflies = formation of love.
Add to it dialogues like 'I wish I die like this", "What will be our future house like", "I will flush the toilet after defeacating", "I will not sneeze while trying to kiss", you will get epic love.
With such epic love, we are in the edge of the seat to know what happens when Trisha dies in an accident. The director should have hurried into those scenes right in the 10th minute of the movie, without giving us glimmers of hope through nice song sequences and cinematorgraphy. It would have been easier for us to plant a bomb in a body part which he probably used to think this story out.
3 months after Trisha dies, her heart is taken out of the samsung refigerator and sent to a hospital. There was a kid there whose "heartila periya hottai" as Jeyaram says in pancha thantiram. The poli (bogus) doctor who was in fact a bajji master till the previous day, uses the same forceps from his "sundari bajji stall" to take the well roasted bajji like heart and keep in the hottai of the kid. As a passing reference, Trisha's father says arya that all this was possible because, the boy had an enlarged heart and hence thrisha's heart fitted his hottai.
The operation was over, much like putting the bajji in a plantain leaf and rolling it a few times with "azhagigal kaidhu" news laden Dinamalar news paper. Only thing the doctor dint ask us audience is 'Saar, thenga sattiniya ile vengaya sattiniya?'
Even if he had asked we wouldnt have been shocked. Yenna engalukku andha vali puriyala.
Coming to that, the previous sentence is the epic dialogue of the movie. The villan, his dhaadi and dog are all trained to be repeat the same thing through out the movie - to say "onaku vali puriyala', 'to never be trimmed' and 'to keep doing 'he he he he' respectively.
Andha vidiya moonji's son and wife were killed in a freak accident by an appam & kadala curry eating mama. The villian wants to kill the mallu aapam mama's son for revenge. Idhan ba istory.
Since the trisha bajji is now the kid's bajji, Arya wants to save the kid. Along with the heart bajji, the director also thought its good if he continues with some heroine type romance even after trisha you have sequences where the kid and arya have oh-sweet arguments about ilayaraja- ar rehman music, kid getting angry and trying to make faces, kid feeling insecure in the bed (oh god) and all that. WTH??
Finally after mouthing "onaku yen vali puriala" a thousand times, villan and arya meet and villain dies.
The movie comes to an end.
Only when we got up we all realized that the entire theatre had muscular dystropy due to the curses from the villian.
Enakku ipo nalla vali puriyudhu!
Morale of the story: Dont watch tamil movies till a few directors die.

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