Monday, February 08, 2010

Enough NDTV and SRK!

Are you targetted because you are a muslim? I know you have said No already, but anyway I am asking you - circa 08 feb 2010 (7 08 PM IST) , Barkha Dutt NDTV

I cry when our boxer loses a match - circa 08 feb 2010 (7 09 PM IST), Shah Rukh Khan on NDTV

People! This is it. I have had enough of NDTV, Barkha Dutt and Shah Rukh Khan.

Let me however do my part to highlight the acting talent of the superhero (SRK) and supersobby (BKDutt)

BKD: The world knows you are among the best Indians!

SRK: (blowing his nose): I feel sad that I need to come on TV and say I am an Indian

BKD: What do you think about the mumbai taxi fiasco (Way to go Barkha. You need to create more and more Aamir Khans who shall have opinions about everything and we need to see it)

SRK: Why did Bal thackrey not call me? (What hypcratical moral ground that is? Why wont you call him..Duh!)

BKD: Are you cynical ahout bollywood? Should they not have principles that they have to stand up to? (Thats the way it is BKD. How to create news when there isnt one 101 from BKD)

SRK: We dont have principles on thursdays as thats when the prints go to theatres (BKD, leave him alone at least after he has said this)

BKD: Will you be in politics?

SRK: I hope I need not become one, coz I will make so many changes (Dude, how about changing the way you act?)

SRK: We are idiots and Banana republic

SRK! I wish some NLP trainer deciphers your eye movements and tells that what you were saying were all BS!To hell with your publicity stunts.

BKD! How I wish there's DD news in my country! I dont have to watch your team's offsite gala at Davos or Dr.Roy's uber-important show with SRK and Karan johar or your sentimental sobs about injustice done to the first indian (SRK).

Gahhh!!! I never knew there could be an orgasm in being deceitful, self pity and playing to the gallery.

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