Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buy One..You sorta get something free!

We went to the country's biggest, crowdest and cheap-indianest consumer electronics show, where they were showing windows 7 hanging around (giggle) and all that! It was pretty packed that one could get abs exercise just by squeezing around through the shop tents.
Our point of being there or re-there was to buy something. Well, Duh! Something meant something to us because we havent been buying anything for sometime now. So we went there on Friday. Now read the intro sentence.
I havent seen thirupathi but I imagine that's how the line would be where laddus are dispensed with. With that crowd and no versace touting 23 something slim beauty nearby, I decided that I may reach the show only when my wife's sleeping time has reached..a.k.a 9 PM. To my pleasant surprise, the queue moved faster than my bowel unloading speed, which is almost eual to escape velocity these days. Only that at this kinda rush we were actually relieved unlike when I rush it out in the loo, my wife actually says she might want to use the swine flu mask for the first time!
To cut the long queue and story short, we boarded the free (and hence packed to the extent that I can explore the breadth of a Pinoy nostril with my elbows) shuttle bus. We had a rousing reception with rhythmic drums of (mostly) indian crowd banging at the doors to let them in and a flustered european crowd trying to leave the scene before the crowd does the same act at them with a different intent. We decided that it is not worth it to make a mental review of disappointing fashion sense of mid 20's asian crowd while risking our lifes to the mostly arrogant wags of the local police.
I persisted the next day and we did go to the consumer show. The car-walk-metro-shuttle-walkethon itself is enough for us to lose interest on anything that needs pedestarian abilities. We being suckers for good deals, persisted and decided to buy an LCD Tv. Rather it should read like this - We being suckers for good deals, I persisted and I decided to buy an LCD Tv when my wife decided to sit somewhere.
The sales guy in one shop, which is curiously named as Jockeys and still sells TVs and not underwears, was quite convincing. Inspite of his lies that I would find a review about the TV in CNET (which I checked immediately), I decided to buy the tv for the reason mentioned in a complicated sentence in paragraph 2. Unreasonable as it may sound, I asked for a DVD player and home theatre free which they promptly refused to give. To prove the might of a customer at a buyer's market, I proudly walked to the neibouring booth (owned by a gujju NRI) and bargained for a deal which would have made them liquidate the owner's stake in the company.
After several attempts to wriggle out a worthy bargain (read: Free mp3 player..nothing more fancy this time) I realized that its not worth it to haggle more, which my wife had a premonition about and hence had never participated in the whole process. A seat for the bum is worthier than being a bum in 2 shops, in front of irriated and sweaty sales guys, said her wisdom laden looks.
Finally we did buy an LCD tv, with a nokia phone (that model which rajasthani milkmen carry in their armpits) along which came 15 free coupons with a chance of winning a trip to bangkok, a city that stinks and that which we dont enjoy anyway.
In any case, I am waiting for the results of the raffle which will be published in the website, while my wife has decided that its worth using the time sleeping than looking at the results in their website!

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