Sunday, December 16, 2007

Long time!

Its been a while since I wrote. While it does make my day less complete, there are many other things that I dont do that I wish I do and things that I wish I dont do, but I do.

I dont read news paper anymore for more than 10 minutes.I dont visit the beach.I dont go for a walk.I dont work on my ideas. I dont sleep late and wake up late. I dont watch discovery travel and living. I am not able to leave my room uncleaned. I am not able to smell only my smell at home. I dont go anywhere, alone. I dont do nothing anymore. There is always something to do. Some one to meet or some work to attend to. There are things that I buy that I dont use. There is a phone that rings that is not mine. I dont invest actively, because I dont have time. I dont blog. I dont leave the door open anymore for the air to come in. I am learning to be patient even as I wish I am impatient. I am impatient even as I wish I am patient. I get angry. I get worried. I like the fact that my weekend would no longer be in the company of solitude. I dont like the fact that, that one weekend which I want to be lonely, I may not afford to be.
Life has changed. In most ways, it wont be the same again.
I am married!

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