Friday, July 03, 2009

Sashtiyaptha poorthi

Disclaimer: I dint force you to read the title of the blog, you uninsured, unsuspecting and now twisted tongue of the reader!
I was in India in a very short trip to attend (than manage or lead) my dad's sashtiyaptapoorthi (hereinafter referred as "Sash"). A few random (I may pass a decree to ban the word random from blogs) thoughts here:
-- Air India Express is a preferred carrier if you dont mind being caught in the middle seat (bench actually) between a overgrown tamil man with over-reaching under-arm smell and a over-sleeping construction worker, who wakes up only to pick his nose.
-- Malayalam movies have improved. The actors no longer avuthu kattify (remove and re-wear) their veshtees on screen anymore.
-- Swine hcchhh flu..hhaaachchhh test is conducted in Indian hhhacchh airports and many sneeze like this as they thrust the "I dont have any symptoms" forms to the immigration officer and walk away to meet & greet their ungils and aundies who have come to the airport.
-- The air of democracy felt good till I decided to pee on the national highway, notwithstanding the fact that NRI pee has no preferrable fragrance to the discerning noses of the Indian highway commuters.
-- Blame it on the highway hotel which charges 100 INR for a dosa and coffee and still hasnt figured out a human urge dissipiation system a.k.a toilet.
-- I am ashamed that I cannot keep the plastic cups away even at my own backyard. The free flow of coffees and water in plastic cups made me worry.
-- The distance you are away from a village is inversely proportional to your broadmindedness. Thanks to all neighbors who let their house doors open for us to use them as they deemed fit (some as Bed & Bath suites, some as dining rooms and some as lavotaries)
-- Priests dont know the meaning and the need of the rituals they conduct and they particularly dont like being asked about the same (even if the asking person foots their bills)
-- South Indian Iyer Cooks still have a fettish for Pinaappil Jaaam. It appeared in my meals every day for the two days that the function went on for.
-- The serving men continue to cheat as brahmins but I wonder how their poonal is so soaked in sweat when they dont wear it anytime other than when they serve us.
-- We believe in what we like. My mom still believes that my house is clean :). I am curious about where it what my house will end up being, after my dad's retirement that happened a couple of days back!
-- I hated being called "hey ennada sheiku..epdi irkkai"
-- I am amazed and relieved that there are social networks that serve a purpose. I was pleasantly surprised to see my 60+ yeares old relatives waxing eloquent about Geni. Thank Paripoorna Kripeshwari, they did not talk about facebook. I am not into it.
-- Everything about the function was predictable. A decently settled son and daughter in law conducting a 60th birthday even. I wish I could conduct their 80+ birthday with a limo, red carpet and designer gifts for the guests.

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