Sunday, September 17, 2006


Knowingly (sometimes vehemently) or unkowingly we leave our signatures in the way we go about things or perhaps dont go about things..
Let me try to see what are those I consider my signatures (Dont expect a Psyhcometric analysis here..this is for tchummah)
  • Elumchanga ooruga for sambar rice
  • Thalai vagidu from right to left
  • Some bracelet in hand always
  • Swirling my phone
  • Making it stand on its edge in flat surface
  • Fanatic Fascination for orange and red colored dresses (including trousers)
  • Losing my keys everyday but never searched for it for more than 10 mins
  • Love for Sujatha novels

Thookam varuthu...

Will be continued...


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