Friday, July 01, 2005

My (un)official role

At office am the "Manager - Marketing and Pre-Sales" (It used to be Head of Marketing and Pre-Sales)..I got a promotion letter which "promoted" me from Head of Marketing to Manager Marketing.

Crap by any name is....?

Yeah right answer !!

Ok now my

Identifying new lines of businesses
Managing the internal PR
Managing external marcom.
Mentoring pre-sales dudes
Managing high value estimates
Follow up with eLearning customers
Do demos that are of importance

My Schedule for a day:

Reach office at 11.30 AM or 12 Noon (depends on how boring or how entertaining TV channels are at the 11 AM slot)

11.30 AM - Start my computer
11.40 AM - Mails download (Most of them are dilbert or some group forwards related to KM a.k.a intellectual masturbation)
11.45 AM - Walk to the other end of the office to fetch water
Till 12.10 - Talk with Bhargavi, Shankar and gang (Typical high energy high nakkals folks)
12.30 - View the most important mail for the day
Till 1.00 PM - Send out some mails and official crap to announce that I have arrived and am working my butt off
1.05 PM - Mom calls - talks for 5 mins
1.10 PM - Go to Sangeeta restaurant for lunch
1 45 PM - Back to office
Till 2.00 PM - Make fun of the day's bakra or be a bakra for some random reason..giggle..laugh and while away time

Post Lunch Session

2.00 PM to 3.00 PM - Reply for more mails, search for work and try to do them
3.00 Pm to 3.30 PM - Tea Break
3.30 PM - 3.45 PM - Find the post-lunch bakra and spend time on making fun
3.45 PM to 5 PM - Meet my team and review stuff, clean up the shit thats pending for me
5 to 5 30 PM - Check my investment portfolio, check personal mails and go upstairs to sign attendance
5.30 - 6.oo PM - Snack break
6.00 - 7.00 PM _ frantically prepare for some important call that night
7.00 PM - 8 PM - Important calls or generally chatting with the fun gang
8.00 PM tp 9 PM - Dinner break
9 PM - 10 PM - Calls calls and calls
10 PM - view arbitrary stuff - news, jokes, moview reviews etc
10 30 PM to 11 30 PM - Calls in any or do some random shit
12 00 Midnight - Sleep

Varam tharum Vekkaaliyamman

Ayyo or Ayyago !!!

No one is reading my blog or No one is leaving any comment

Here is a ponzi scheme i am announcing. Any one who comments for my blogs will get a few varams from vekkaaliyamman.

If you are trying for master - you will get in MIT

If you are trying to become father - you will get twins

If you are planning to switch jobs - you will get in Microsoft, Redmond - USA

If you are planning to watch a movie - you will get a hero chance in Jeeva's next movie

If you walk in marina - you will be chased by paparrazis

If you go to pizza hut - you will be served sizzlers and paid money to eat and pose for them

If you like a girl - she will shamelessly ask you if you can lay her and you would get a chance to do a tam hero by saying "no, culture yeh woh"

Puleees comment for my post da/di..

I love u da chellam..

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