Friday, July 01, 2005

Varam tharum Vekkaaliyamman

Ayyo or Ayyago !!!

No one is reading my blog or No one is leaving any comment

Here is a ponzi scheme i am announcing. Any one who comments for my blogs will get a few varams from vekkaaliyamman.

If you are trying for master - you will get in MIT

If you are trying to become father - you will get twins

If you are planning to switch jobs - you will get in Microsoft, Redmond - USA

If you are planning to watch a movie - you will get a hero chance in Jeeva's next movie

If you walk in marina - you will be chased by paparrazis

If you go to pizza hut - you will be served sizzlers and paid money to eat and pose for them

If you like a girl - she will shamelessly ask you if you can lay her and you would get a chance to do a tam hero by saying "no, culture yeh woh"

Puleees comment for my post da/di..

I love u da chellam..

2 of my fans were here!:

architect said...

idha vida mosama yarum kenja mudiyadhu.. idhu andha vekkaliammanuke porukadhu... idhukuthan enna blog visit pana soniya

Anonymous said...

dai kabaalath thaliyaa,onae mathuu naa naeraa pathaen vachukoo,movanae vagundhuaeduthuruvaen,jaakradhai!


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