Saturday, August 06, 2005

Will my pyre burn without these?

Just thought of listing out what all have to happen to me, if life has to be fulfilling.....
  1. Become Rich
  2. Start and run my own profitable business as soon as possible
  3. Be a good husband
  4. Be a great Dad
  5. Have good sex, till i feel like
  6. Eat potato curry and curd rice whenever I want
  7. Buy a car before I get married
  8. Act/Compere/Make Ads atleast once
  9. Own a beautiful independent house with greeneries
  10. Show my mom the world, the nice things money and love can get her. Get her all she's missing
  11. Work for a cause, in a capitalist way
  12. Make more money than my friends and still love wearing veshti and retian my old nokia phone
  13. Watch more kamlahassan flicks
  14. More and more of sujatha novels

2 of my fans were here!:

Anonymous said...

dai baadu....write something meaningful...nee ool othadhaiyellaam sollaadhai

ritzkini on 3:45 AM said...

inshallah it'll all happen !
all the best...


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