Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Not decided (Will name this if something strikes before I finish this blog)

I had been little late in posting an update (Fever and all that)

Aah..Got a topic to write about. Went to this kalyan hospital to consult. The doc dint even keep that thermometer on my tongue (yeah the one that every damn guy sucks and the same one which is never washed)

Gave some medicines and all and nothing worked.

Went there the next day. Another doc was there. I somehow cant digest doctors (however young and all) wearing Jeans shirts and carrying fancy bags. Man, carry yourself with dignity at least when it comes to outward personality.There is a reason for the "at least" thingy.

The damn guy was talking to me about symptoms n all that...The nurse came in running and told about this old man who has consumed poison.

I kinda over reacted by standing and stepping aside, thinking this doc will run out and attend to this dying old man.

Our jean clad doctor says" What can we do. If people have to die drinking poison they have to. We cant do anything about it.

He signals me to sit and not worry about it.

For God's sake, its not another diversion to your work man...

Be Human...or at least pretend to be, till I go out...

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Zoe Jane on 7:29 AM said...

omigosh!!! and to think i was missing kalyan hospital when i fell sick a few days ago!


but on a more serious note, shame on that doctor. really.

morismorgan3710 on 5:05 AM said...

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ritzkini on 12:30 AM said...

hope u feel better now...
and regarding the doc...i guess after a point,it just another day...he probably gets 10 cases like these every month !

navin on 11:39 AM said...

Knew 1 and 2, there are some equivalent words in the New Madras Tamizh(l)...for 3. Sarasarapu or vethuku gumbal podrathu...for 4.Vaya kuduthu maatikarthu...
5. KJama velai(sandhi in aiyer baashai)
6. Julpu..
7.Asai podrathu
8.(dont know)
9.may be 7 or kadchi sapdrathu
10. Yekkambaram..(yellam therinja ekambaram)..
11.Scene kamikira minnal or udhaar udra minnal
...maybe I knew the new ones so did not look into the other words :)...nice post though...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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