Saturday, December 23, 2006

Autobio in a post

My journey

1. Age 1 to 3 - Slept well to compensate for today's sleepless life

2. Age 4 - My biggest problem was school which shared a door with my home. That was hell to be in school when you can see your mom moving across the home

Age 5 - I still remember rekha was used to steal my kuchi in school

Age 6 - 14 - Calm and reserved boy. Good in quiz.Learnt Hindi and Vishnu sahasranamam well

Age 15 - Padma ma'am changed my life. Even I could score 197 in 10th math. Hats off ma'am. You showed me the strength of preseverence and confidence. Thanks for all that and those apples.

Age 16-17 - Hoplessely wandered around with friends and one-side dreamz about the girl whose dad is my dad's colleague. Gosh the comparisons my dad would bring up between my rank and hers :-).Hey u, If you read this just have a hearty laugh.

Age - 16 -20 - The becoming of a man. From stage-phobic boy to college anchor. From reserved kid to fashion parade judge.From stumbling in math to Belling the CAT

Age 21 - 22 -- IIT was hesitant to take me in. Called me finally and rest was history. Came out as one of the most beloved, respected and eligible student.My worst enemy (Now HOD and a person that i respect inspite of some strong optinion I have)admired me for my straight talks

Age 23 - I ruined my life by making some career related errors. The days taught me the value of parents, friends and magnanimity (My enem prof was the first guy to help me).Thanks guys for serving me the bread when I hesitated to ask for.

Age 24 - Blossomed in a small company.Mixed bag of good and bad days

Age 25: Found and Lost!

Thats my diary.Now dont steal my identity

2 of my fans were here!:

Bhargavi on 9:47 AM said...

From Orkut to Blog - have it read it many times.. but anyways you deserve this comment here too... A different autobio I have ever read... Chill dude :)

Ritwik on 3:26 AM said...

That's one amazing autobio... need to keep refreshing every year to get to know some more... :) Keep it going


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