Monday, February 26, 2007


It feels like heaven.
I went to and there was academy awards in Star movies. Then I just walked around to the fridge to take some "athirsam". I typed for some search keyword.
Then I reached out to my diwan and was sitting right next to the door to catch some air. I logged into blogger. Dint miss the uber-cool all-revealing drapes these actresses were wearing in the academic awards ceremony...sigh!!
Everything is possible....From this moment am "un-wired". I just did the "Ho..Ho..Ho..Wireless Ho!"
Its been more than year since I bought wireless router and it just happened today that some really capable IT hardware dude set it up for me! For the first time, I feel the mobility of my laptop.
I am gonna put a sticker in my door saying, this house is "Wi Fi" enabled..Cool na?
Now I dont have to carefully pull two ropes of wires and navigate them through my mid riff and keep a quilt to support me and keep two pillows on my tummy to avoid the radiation - all to move my laptop to the next room while staying connected.
Life is much better with a stupid laptop going wireless!
I cant have enough of it yet. I love this so much that I wanna sleep with my router!!

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madhu said...


Anonymous said...

@ Madhu

ok ok konjam over than ;)

Bhargavi on 8:13 AM said...

wooph - is that the same router you got from Keval an year before.. yebbbaaaaa!

Sure you can have a name board hanging on your house door "WI FI" Enabled :D


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