Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some questions to Kamal - Dasavatharam

Kamal saar....some questions:

  1. Govind (Scientist) invents bio-weapon. He then sees his lab monkey dying a gory death consuming. He then lectures that we should destroy the weapon. Lives are important. Why dint this wisdom dawn before spnding millions of tax payers money (I pay 35% tax with no economic stimulus returns you see)? May be Govind thought the weapon would be let into paramakudi wells and turn them into instant gobar gas plants to fuel our stoves for suttaplaam and vetha kozhambu
  2. Why did Mallika Sherwat wear a swinsuit in that dance and have a net in the strategic place? Saddists!
  3. Why dint Fletcher get a translator better than mallika, for tamizh? There was MS Bhaskar anyway. Or was she sent here because Delta airlines gave a buy one get one free offer, for tickets?
  4. Has kamal heard of liposuction? If he does not believe in it, I suggest he develops a virus that can remove his excess luggage in his cheeks and thoppai. He looks like ponni raw rice one quintal bag, three of them stacked one above other.
  5. How old is old? Paati kamal is 90 + years made evident by her voice. But she (especially her hands) make me feel she was an undiscovered evolution of Dinosaurs. She even had dry scales in her hand.
  6. Doctor says "Avtar you are alright. Its a medical miracle. The bullet neatly removed your cancer cells. Now its just a formality of Chemotherapy". Sorry, this is not even worth ridiculing. Talk about a lecture from Kamal on saving lives and the doctor pokes needle into all cancer survivors, ridiculing their worst phase of fight against cancer.
  7. How much did Kamal spend for make up? I would spent just 10 kgs of kuttuvilaku brand aatta. The effect would have been better. The left out maavu could have been used to kill the virus. If tata salt can ruin a million dollar virus, why cant chappati maavu do that?
  8. Two FBI agents came to India to chase Fletcher and the bio-weapon. May be they dint finish the ilaneer till the end?
  9. Why did Jayalalitha act in the movie? Was it because the movie dint have a weighttu character?
  10. Karunanidhi and Bush share the dias in Chennai with Kamal. Kamal is a saddist. If not his gibberish is enough, he dons the role of bush, who is the king of gibberish
  11. more questions...saving one...why the hell did an animated butterfly come on screen. Was it a screensaver to tell, the story is inactive for long or was it to say this movie and the thought behind it can be explained only by "chaos theroy"?

Ada pongappa!

6 of my fans were here!:

Jan said...

Q . Why would the US govt. trust an Indian Scientist on a top secret bio-weapon program???
A. Arre the Bush is apna Kamal yaar!

Ok this nonsensical Q&A sums up the movie! :D

Sriram on 9:32 PM said...

Haha-hilarious! isn't it awesome that the idiot who thinks cancer can be 'miraculously' cured by a bullet shot lectures people on 'rationality'!

Revathi on 8:31 AM said...

India la irundha naane innum padatha paakal, adhukulla nee paathutiya??
Hmmmm!! padam paathutu i will comment (though with u and P gone there is no one to take me to moview now!! boo hoo!! :()

Anonymous said...

@ revathi

All for good. This is waste of time movie and who our absence you may find a "maplai payyan" to take you...

Anonymous said...

Typical Ashwin style...
First post praising the movie to the core and second post after waking up from that deep shit movie...

BTW...guess who has written this?
Im at Charlotte-NC for the past 1 week...

yasodha on 10:22 AM said...

From the minute I heard that he was gonna try 10 roles, I decided against seeing this movie.

But I love dasavatharam-bashing and sivaji-bashing.

Very nice post. Great Wit.

But was Crazy-Thalaivar really involved with this movie. I thought not.


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