Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tagged for Gender Bender

Joshi Mukard tagged me. Purba started it all through this!

So here is my gender-bender list:

1. I love wearing pink. In fact I have a pink t-shirt, light pink shirt, pink and golden flowery patterned shirt (which I wore for my engagement). I even sponsored a pink jatti for the pink chaddi campaign against Mutalik.(see the spelling difference. I am a proud south indian who maintains that its jatti)

2. I have a high SPF sunscreen (Tropica), Body Lotion (Bvlgari), Body spray (Bath n Body works), Skin cream (Nivea), Perfume (cK and Boss), Deo (Adidas and Brut), Hair gel (L'Oreal), Hand wash (Bath n Body Works), Aroma therapy hand cream (Bath n Body Works). I use each for a different occassion. My wife uses Pears soap (and none of the above or its female equivalents). No. No one asks me the age of each of these. Sigh! Some of these were gifts for my marriage!

3. I have scented pot pourri for the car and the closet

4. I could make all south indian and most north indian side dishes and can effortlessly slip into a cookery conversation with women double my age. I sulk about washing vessels (like them).

5. I cannot stand the smell of booze and cigarette

6. I have 8 pairs of shoes

7. There are times I've gone to a dress showroom only to return back buying nothing. I am that picky

Tagging sriram, revs (she better start writing soon!)!

6 of my fans were here!:

Revs on 9:27 AM said...

Hah! Good one. Second one is OMG! :D

I think imma like doing this tag given how i m not like a girl AT ALL. except biologically of course!

JoshiMukard on 12:05 AM said...

Glad you picked the tag. Loved your #1. I was wondering how a guy would look in a pink and golden flowery patterned shirt, and you have had the guts to wear it for your engagement...

By the way...I heard Mutalik has opened a exclusive pink jatti showroom in Mangalore.

Ashwin on 2:15 AM said...

@ revs

The point is about writing something in your blog. You get the drift.

@ Joshi

Pink and Gold go well and it infact looks cool. But I have taken it to an extreme by arguing in my office that it is formal too!

Sriram on 4:12 AM said...

nanri for the tag. just posted my list.

#1 enakum light pink shirts pidikum. there's something abt light pink.

#6 8 pairs! spoilt for choice, arent you :)

Ashwin on 6:38 AM said...

@ sriram

Actually before ppl eye pottufy, I have to say that 6 of them cost around 300 Rs each and the rest about 1000 Rs. They look uber-cool.

I hate name brand shoes that are over-rated and priced.

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