Friday, December 09, 2011

Predictions for 2012 - Personal

1. We may move out of Atrociously Yucky-Yucky Apartments (Ayya apartment is where we stay (or) as HDFC call center girl prefers to call it - Avya)

2. I will lose weight, for sure, without exercise. Predicting worry with startup life!

3. My wife may gain what I stand to lose - Weight! She pigs out phunction food every afternoon @ work

4. My car will be dirty and I won't clean it. Actually this isn't a prediction. It's more like a planned event!

5. We will continue to recycle grocery shopping bags for daughter's nappy pad poop parcel and one fine day she will be toilet trained!

6. The cool IKEA buckets will cease to be dustbins

7. We will continue to be the keepers of old chappals, antique business cards, torn table mats, tooth brush that has taken post-retirement hobby jobs like cleaning wash basins, aluminum tablet covers that have no particular utility except to reinforce our lack of cleanliness

8. Old serials will be replaced by new ones. They would be cry-worthy as usual

9. White hair in my beard will increase in its (pseud)-value and of course, density per

10. The number of empty deo bottles in my wife's closet will follow geometric progression pattern, till I cross the line of fire. We would have some friendly fires thereafter!

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