Friday, July 14, 2006

For Ambi by Another Ambi who is not an Ambi like the other Ambi

Ambi = !

Ambi = ?

Ambi = ?!?

What is or Who is Ambi? If you like TamBrams or you have a love interest who is a TamBram, you should know this word for sure!

Ambi - Noun (Name of a person - Actually Nick Name of a person)


- Andha Ambi romba thuru thuru nu irukan (That boy is very shrewd. I dont know his name though..So use the genric term for a brahmin boy)

- Nalla ambi maari irukan (Looks very much like a cute and soft tambram guy. Here ambi is a generic name for anyone who is cute and soft tambram)

- Akkavum Ambiyum apdi ena than pesipelo ( Wonder what you bro and sis have to hush-hush about!... Here ambi refers to Bro)

So that's it? Nope! There is another Ambi whom everyone can identify with.

Here is the checklist to see if you qualify to be an "Ambi"

  1. You are clean shaven and dont sport mush. You face always has a religious mark.
  2. You wear Kadukkan (stud..not the Yo! Man variety...This is authentic tam stud)
  3. You wear spects (and not contact lens)
  4. Your hair has a wet look always (not due to gel). You wear coconut oil and comb using the long slender "sheikh cheepu".
  5. Your hair style and geometry can give a run to a straight line ruler.
  6. You are less than 5' 5"
  7. You wear Lacoste t-shirt tucked into a tailor-stitched coffee brown pants and reebok shoes
  8. You wear a sports watch or a digital watch which competes for your wrist with some religious threads that are black, grey, yellow, red or all at the same time
  9. You have a cellphone that is 3310 or earlier version
  10. You dont wear a belt
  11. Your ponch makes ur pants go down every 5 minutes and you are the best when it comes to adjusting your pants
  12. You wear pants slightly below your rib gage and not around your hip bone
  13. You ride Honda Activa and not any bike ever
  14. You like carnatic music than cinema music
  15. You dont watch movies
  16. You dont say "cool" or "awesome". You say "cute"
  17. You carry a water bottle and napkin to restaurants

So what are you? Ambi? Ambi-in-the-making?

3 of my fans were here!:

Anonymous said...

You have missed to add one true identification mark..

They wear their pants on the Stomach with hardly 2 - 3 buttons of their shirt visible...

Jus like micky mouse in cartoons :))

Heidi Kris on 8:36 PM said...

too good..

Neera on 11:52 AM said...

That's Hilarious !! Nice post!


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