Sunday, July 09, 2006

Kak Kak Ka ....Po

This thing called arranged marriage...It all starts with an arranged outing to Pizza corner :-(

You might actually hit off well in those 30 minutes..Absolutely great chemistry
  • She may like urlakezhangu too - like him
  • He will also like pink color - like her
  • He cant believe she also likes NDTV Profit to Kolangal serial
  • She is pleasantly surprised that he cooks well

And when they get married.

But then when its too late...

  • He figures out she has more mush than him
  • She finds that he can snore better than a bear
  • He finds she has a clumsy way of walking
  • She finds he can't tell between romance and sex. Its all three letters whichever way
  • He finds she buys her clothes from pondy bazaar still
  • She finds he never uses the flush petrified at the possibility of these happening.You know how I ward off marriage shifting job in 6 months..Pondati varadhukula car vanganum..If I move to a new job I need to stay for 6 months,steady the ship and then get married.Idhu minimum 1 year marriage vacation idea and can postpone indefenitely :-)

Single ho !

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the blogger is totally influenced by the movie

Kanda Naal Mudaal

if(!snore && !mush && !clumsyWalk ....) {
} else {

The plan to postpone sounds great.. Sure I will try to give it a shot myself.. ;)

ritzkini on 9:58 PM said...


virdi on 1:31 AM said...

maacha... u dont go to pizza corner, please... go to some decent restaurant...

and yes u r paranoid...


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