Sunday, May 20, 2007

Vandhuttomle....What Kavalai people have!!

This post is about society and the questions they have about "us". The society that opens its windows to see who has come to your house in Ford Fiesta; The same society that throws empty milk pouches to your compounds when garbage overflows from their dustbin; The society that behaves like the known street dog that is unpredictable - barks at you one time and wags its tail other times; The society that is - our neighbors, their servants, our dad's and mom's collegues, our aunts, unknown relations that you meet only during weddings !!
My apartment uncle (who by the way is a state govt employee and generally a crooked asshole)
Thambi neenga endha call center le velai pakreenga? (Vicarious pleasure in hurting my ego. I used to come late from work for a few years..And this is his way of making me feel like a wastrel !)
My dad/mom's collegue (Who is not a crooked asshole, but equally irritating - Does not brush frequently. Does not use perfume)
Sir enna velai pakreenga (Not that if I explain presales and solution architecting he is going to understand...But still I do for reasons you would know of as you read further)
Collegue 1 to my dad/mom's collegue 2 (Who is not crooked, doesnt stink and brushes without fail. He just hogs anything remotely edible), Same question!
Sir software le velai pakrar.
C2: Andha computer le okkandhu ena thambi apdi adipeenga??
Mami 1 (Who does not have kids or has kids who have a hare's brain)
Nee foriegn laam polaya?
Me(of course not aloud): ila mami naa urine than poven. moonu velai thani kudicha thannala poradhu...easyo ilayo!! Cackoos pardhuku visa vum vendam drug test um vendam..simple pongo!!
Mami 2 (Who has kids who have hare's brain as well, but just plain lucky and hence in the US)
Nee "You Yes" laam polaya da? (Note that its not US or states. Its "You Yes")
Mama (Mami 2's Husband)
Neeyum ena sathyathla thaane irukai? Ena Javava? Elarum ipo adhane panrangal!! (Can easily replace Dayanidhi Maran as Minister of DisInformation Technology)
Some fellow villager at my village:
Enga velai paake?
Me: Company le
Villager: "Yenyya..Govermentu velai kadaikalaya?"
Dad/Mom's Collegue 3 :
Thambi nee madras la thane velai paake...en payyanum anga than irukaan...address tharen poi paaru...
Me: Duh...Why?
Dedication: This post is dedicated to my w-b-wife who has been a great fan of my blog.
E O W M W I T B!!

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Tormentor :) said...

ha ha ha ha!!good one dude..but u know what??these maami's and maama's provide the much neede free entertainment in our monotonous long live maams and maamis..and dude ippo ve ippidi sollariye the day u get married u will have all sorts of maamas and maamis asking u all sorts of question and the only thing u can do is grin and bear it!!;);)

Bhargavi on 9:48 AM said...


Dedicated to w-b-wife - ithu theriyaama pooche... Great!!!!!!!!!

So finally mami kidaichaacha - do you mind giving her phone number - warning koodukaanum :D :D :D.....

BTW - Hi Ashwin's w-b-wife!!! (sure you would read this comment - He is a very nice person )


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