Monday, October 06, 2008

Sad Post

This is some ESP. Just in the last post, I gave an elaborate and shameless self promotion abouting my writing and blogging (which as per recent survey 1,34,5,6,745,784 other people do). I also know that blogging is as prevalent and abused as toilet napkins are.
I really feel sorry and ashamed to have written such a promotional scam about myself.
If all this will please the powers-that-be in the google owned, please return my template back!
All I wanted to do was to make my template look as refreshing, crisp and vibrant like the author ...sorry...i wont indulge in s.s.p again.
(No relevant image or tag or the super smart "x of my fans were here" comments or "who visited searching for me in google" kind of jing bangs. Sorry, my template is as old as manisha koirala)
Give my template back!!!
(PS to P : I have written several profound and funny posts. Never got a comment from you. Gah...insulted that you commented on my template's demise)
PPS : In the world of instant coffee, instant karma, instant starch and instant suicide (J K Ritees), I should have believed in instant answer of prayers...My template is restored and now..wait in shock and awe as I unleash such torturous looking templates on you.

3 of my fans were here!:

Revathi on 6:01 AM said...

sorry Ashwin!! but the template errr kind of sucks (i m being euphemistic here when i say it sucks)
ou know tormentor, for he past two years that you have been tormenting me nothing has actually tormented me as much as this template of yours!!
its errr an eye sore!! :P

Seriously speaking maathidu ya!! :)

Tormented by old template, soothed by the new one!! :P said...

hey!! this template is much better!! much much better. in fact rhombha nanna irruku paakarthuku!! :)
keep this!! :)

Jan said...

yikees! what a pathertic template....cant u get back to the old one?


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