Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Been a while!

I've been wanting to write for long and as I sift through my blog posts, I realize I have written 5 posts that are in draft mode..only because they are quite serious and heavy that they dont fit into this blog..
Anyway, here are a few things that I learnt in the past 2 months that have helped me redeem my prized irreverance that I lost in the last 2 years
--> I had always wondered how some leaders are neither charismatic nor visionery and still attain a place that they dont deserve. I have never made bones about hiding my displeasure to work for these leaders and now they fail spectacularly and how! Lesson: If they are too bad to be great, THEY ARE BAD!
--> I always loathe Indian IT services business model which is built on commoditized value propositions driven by not so scalable resource quality. Its like selling Eu De Toilette while the rest of the tech world is about selling cologne..And now, with one depression and a tainted company, look at how the industry is collapsing..customers and deals have evaporated. There is NO LOYALTY OR CHINA WALL. Observation: Till we create our google or sun microsystems, lets call ourselves SWEAT SHOPS because we are that!
--> The grunt workers at various levels in these organizations are just that..grunt workers and it comes more evident now than ever..They dont know what IT is beyond the 5 names. Many of them think if its not for these 5 companies, there are no jobs. Truely, there arent , because the redundant roles they occupied are not needed in the non-services landscape. I see senior delivery heads willing to go as project managers..which I see as a much expected correction in the right direction.
--> Contacts are another hyped concept- I know him, I s.. up to him and so I feel safe. With a commoditized skillset and lack of awareness about the industry, contacts are the only hope..But one cannot be more bankcrupt for ideas after decades of work...Thats what the services industry does to 90% of the workforce...

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Anonymous said...

welcome back... u have much more to write than this small post! :)


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