Sunday, February 22, 2009

News Reel

There are a few spell binding PJs that nag me to be let free on the day when I had nothing to do than watch Karan (hairy chested) Johar on TV..

I take refuge to blogging to escape the Karan hariy chested, chipped teeth Johar show..

So here are the assaults (Read like the NDTV News):

International News:

1. Why would JKLF's (separtist outfit) chief (at his age of 45) marry a 28 year old brit? Just to err..separate later?

Domestic News:

2. Lets leave such issues of international importance to and move to more domestic problems (not related to wives)

-- If keeping an empty mortein liquidator on, gives us the psychological comfort of protection, why doesnt the same apply to the mosquitos (who should feel threatened by the glowing light and the imminent death by suffocation

-- If Manmohan singh is "fighting fit" as they claim in TV, does that mean his fitness was tested at home, while he was recuperating? (Domestic violence, they say!)

Business News:

3. If there is a recession and hence no one spends, then there should be more money left unused. Does more money equate to recession? Should it not be "possession"?

4. Raju brothers ask "If assets can't be inflated and liabilities can't be left out, then why at all it "balance" sheet"? Will CLB come up with a balancing act by instructing the Rajus to stop the creativity at the "trial" balance sheets?

Sports news:

5. Vijay Mallya pays 111 Mn US Dollars for Bangalore team. Call it team spirit?

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