Thursday, June 23, 2005

Matter Mangaatha

Definition and History:

In the ancient land of chutes lived Mangaatha.

When she was one year old she was cheated by her parents that they were going for a feast. It did happen, but after tonturing her head.And so on, she was made to wear new dresses only to be sent to school. She got her first lifstick only to be worn for her bethrothel (oh no not the closest resembling word)..She was given fruits,milk and lots of goodies one night, only to be screwed.

She took offense about life's way of treating her and committed well-water-jumping (suicide).Her Aa Vee (soul) is still wandering in this modern land of morons, who try to do various "matters"

When a moron does matter, mangaatha appears and plays spoilsport.

And hence the term "Matter Mangaatha"

Warner Bros - Sree Surya Movies Inaindhu mirattum Mangaatha in and as "Matter Mangaatha".

The evil ether of Mangaatha prevails everywhere. The next time you do "matter" Mangaatha comes there..Like this......

Matter: You are flipping between Surya TV and BBC, with GRE book in hand
Mangaatha: You flip ejactly to Surya TV when you dad comes in.

Matter:You are preparing your resume in the office
Mangaatha: Your boss comes and your system hangs

Matter:You are the only one in the house. you are in the toilet and there is no water
Mangaatha:Your apartments figure is at the calling bell asking for "Hindu - Opportunities"

Matter:You want to go for evening show. You say your dad is ill
Mangaatha:Your boss says he is taking the team for dinner and (same) movie & feels sad 4 u

Matter: You are sex-chatting with an onsite gilpaans
Mangaatha: "Now I kiss your lips" part of the sentance jumps to your mom-in-law's window

Matter:Your wife's friends are coming.She cooks food. U cook a story that u've shoulder pain
Mangaatha: They suddenly plan for a movie.You are suddenly at the kitchen sink

Haven't you always wonder why shit happens.Why bosses always se you when you yawn? Why the best chic in town is always not your neighbor? Why your mom comes from your village ejactly when you won your first date?

Now you know the answers...Mangaatha...

NNN...Nooravadhu naalai noki...Mangaatha engaatha ongaatha aatha..........woth....a

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