Thursday, June 23, 2005


Wondering how many different ways you can say "Pasanga"

(Pasanga means a group of boys...What the heck...if you dont know tam, this blog is not for you anyways)

Payyanga - Parents may say this way and it may denote both boy and girl kids they have

Payyanga - Parents again - Denotes Boys...The rendu-payyanga-oru-ponnu way of saying

Payavullai - Actually its Paya Pullai - Again Boy & Girl - Rustic Rural way of saying. Almost always prefixed with padukali, sirukki (better left unexplained)

Payaluva - I guess tirunelveli way if saying "pasanga"

Payyangal - No no its not payyan and gal..its payyangal - Mumbaiya brahmin way

Pashanga - The "sha"ving tamil is a revolution of sorts primarily powered by doyens like "Pepsi" Uma, Actor lakshmi etc. I would call them Neo-Brahmins who are not ejactly "aacharam" types, but use brahminical identity to differentiate their screen presence. They call sarath kumar as Sharath Kumar and sometimes even say samathu as "sha"mathu

Payakka or Payyakal - Nagercoil way of saying "pasanga"

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